Our plan to improve the health and wellbeing of older people

A plan for the sector, by the sector

Safer, person-centred healthcare for older people is the main goal of an ambitious five-year plan to integrate and coordinate the health services system in the region.

The PHN and Metro North Hospital and Health Service are working to implement directions from the Five Year Health Care Plan for Older People who live in Brisbane North 2017-22.

Consortia model delivers better outcomes in aged care

In-home support

8,148 clients received Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services from the healthy@home consortium during 2018/19.

CHSP services include domestic assistance, personal care, social support, care coordination, nursing, allied health and transport–all designed to support people living at home and retaining their independence.

We built the website healthy@home.org.au which unites and promotes the vision of our consortium and helps connect community members to support services.

Attendees at the healthy@home website launch in August 2019.

Assessing eligibility for aged care services

The Regional Assessment Service, led by the PHN, completed 4,628 assessments for aged care services with a focus on timeliness and quality.

PHN leads sector development

Our annual and quarterly aged care forums are well attended by a diverse range of sector representatives and this helps them to support each other in meeting the challenges of an evolving and complex aged care environment.

During 2018/19, our team held four aged care forums, attended by over 500 representatives from across the sector.

  • Attendees at the August 2019 Aged Care Forum.

  • Daphne Pirie AO MBE at the August 2019 Aged Care Forum.

  • Benevolent Society Executive Director, Kirsty Nolan presenting at the August 2019 Aged Care Forum.

  • Department of Health Director Home Support and Assessment Branch, Joshua Maldon; Brisbane North PHN Project Officer of Community Care, Louise Maudlin; Qld Government Department of Health Metro North Aged Care Assessment Team, Catherine Turton at the August 2019 Aged Care Forum.


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